27 Animals That Have Better Hair than You


You can go to the barbers and ask them to work wonders with your hair, but you will never look as good as these animals. A lot of them need their hair to survive in the wild and provide them with warmth which is what makes them the fluffy and majestic creatures they are.

Here are 27 animals that have better hair than you.

1. Afghan Hound

afghan hound

2. Alaskan Musk Ox

alaskan musk ox

3. Angora Rabbit

angora rabbit

4. Apataelode Caterpillar

apataelode caterpillar

5. Curly Feathered Pigeon

curly pigeon

6. Duster Budgie

duster budgie

7. Fluffy Cow

fluffy cow

8. Fluffy Hamster

fluffy hamster

9. Hairy Caterpillar

Hairy Caterpillar - Haarige Schmetterlingsraupe

10. Hairy Pig


11. Hipster Alpaca


12. Komodor the Mop Dog

APTOPIX Germany Dog Show

13. Lhasa Apso

lhasa apso

14. Bichon Frise

bichon frise

15. Lionhead Rabbit

lionhead rabbit

16. Long Haired Guinea Pig

long haired guinea pig

17. Mini Highland Cow

mini highland cow

18. Mountain Goat

mountain goat

19. Norwegian Forest Cat

norweigan forest cat

20. Polish Buff Laced Chicken

polish buff laced chicken

21. Fluffy Donkey


22. Hungarian 'Racka' Sheep

hungarian racka sheep

23. Turtle with Algae Hair

river turtle algae

24. Samoyed


25. Siberian Cat

siberian cats

26. Valais Sheep

valais sheep

27. White Silkie Hen

white silkie hen

h/t boredpanda