Keep a Loved One Guessing This Christmas with Word Search Wrapping Paper


This wrapping paper will add another dimension to every gift you give this year by turning it into a card message and a game. Wrapping paper with christmas trees or snowmen aren't needed anymore as Universal Wrapping Paper does all the work for you - giving a loved one a kind message hidden in a crossword puzzle.

Universal Wrapping Paper comes with hidden messages.


word search wrapping paper 5

word search wrapping paper 6

The paper has a cutting guide so you don't cut any important messages.

word search wrapping paper 7

You can then circle the message you want to send.

word search wrapping paper 8

And leave them to find the rest.

word search wrapping paper 9

The simple design is the work of Fabio Milito and art director Francesca Guidotti. You can order your own wrapping paper in time for christmas here.

h/t design you trust