Meet The Worlds Largest Crocodile – Caught In The Philippines

The Philippines is notorious for being home to some of the most dangerous creatures on the planet, and the people of a village just south of the Philippine capital, Manila, proved that when in 2011 they caught the biggest live crocodile ever to be seen.

The croc weighed in at 2370 pounds and was 21 foot long, it had been terrorising the local area for years, fisherman were killed and livestock went missing before 100 local residents went out to catch the beast.

After an all-day struggle, the men used steel nets and tough rope to drag it out of the creek it was hiding in, then needed a help of a crane to put it on the back of a truck. After the struggle, instead of killing this beast the villagers kindly donated it to a new eco-tourism park in neighboring Agusan.

Sadly, this magnificent animal passed away in early 2013, two years after being brought to the eco-tourism park.

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