Nik Wallenda's Epic Blindfolded Skyscraper Tightrope Walk


Watch the incredible moment Nik Wallenda broke two world records as he tightroped between Marina City west tower to the Leo Burnett Building - 535 feet above the ground without a safety harness, amazing the onlooking crowds below him in Chicago on sunday night.

Wallenda first covered the 94 foot walk in a few minutes after his initial plans to take 15 minutes to cross the tightrope were quickly abandoned when he realised the amount of movement in the cable. We can't blame him for not wanting to hang around whilst suspended over 500 feet above the ground.

If that wasn't enough he then put on a blindfold and did the whole thing again!

Nik gets ready to walk the 94 feet between Marina City west tower and the Leo Burnett Building


Did we mention he is blindfolded and 535 feet above ground!?


With absolutely no safety net or harness. The whole thing was broadcast with a 10 second delay should he slip and fall.


Nik Wallenda you are crazy, but you have our absolute respect.