Osama Bin Laden Doll Goes on Sale Complete with Demon Mask

If you were wondering what to get the kids for christmas then this certainly isn’t it, this Osama Bin Laden doll complete with demon mask is the only over priced piece of plastic you shouldn’t be spending your money on.

Firstly because it’s in such bad taste you have to wonder what they were thinking but also because there is only three of them, meaning they are going to go for a small fortune. The best part? the fact that they are being sold by the CIA who got  late Hasbro executive and G.I. Joe creator Donald Levine to create the action figures.

As expected by everyone else apart from the CIA, the doll hasn’t gone down to well. But since he’s dead they must have figured that creating an action figure / doll of him in such bad taste would be ok. The CIA and the Pentagon own the other two dolls and the third can be yours for the price of $2,500.

The fact that the doll comes with an extra demonic mask for when you are feeling extra evil makes it even worse. The doll was supposedly created to teach kids that terrorist groups are bad and to put them off ever joining one but we reckon he’s ended up looking more like a dodgy stunt double for Darth maul from Star Wars.

via Mashable

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