From the outside This Place Looks Normal, but the Design inside Is Mind Blowing


If you come home to your house and think to yourself how can I make it more fun? forget colour schemes and funky furniture because this house will show you how. The Japanese house was deigned by Takeshi Hosaka Architects and although it looks pretty normal from the outside, the inside if mind blowing.

The three story high building features steel finished staircases that spiral through the building from top to bottom.

takeshi hosaka architects 1

Forget flat floors. The floor curves like a ramp up to the window. Where is a skateboard when you need one!?.

takeshi hosaka architects 2

The simplistic use of concrete and wood creates an industrial look.

takeshi hosaka architects 3

Here you can see how each level of the house flows into each other.

takeshi hosaka architects 4

This a bath with one truly unique view.

takeshi hosaka architects 5

The front of the house is more closed off for privacy reasons, but the back of the house is a lot more open.

takeshi hosaka architects 6

But from the outside it still all looks pretty normal.