Razor Sharp Portraits by Artistic Duo Miss Bugs


These portraits look pretty normal from far, but you would have to be pretty careful if you got any closer to them for one good reason. They are made of razor blades.

Created by the artistic duo known as Miss Bugs which is made up of two artists born in Wales and Bristol the new artwork titled 'Chained To The Mirror' is a large portrait that spans five feet tall by three feet wide. The razor blades are set into resin that is on top of an aluminium sheet.

Although the piece is largely monochromatic in just black and white there are the occasional splashes of colour that appear in the delicately arranged razor blades, giving off an incredible effect.

razor portraits 1

razor portraits 2


razor portraits 4

razor portraits 5

razor portraits miss biggs 1

source: www.missbugs.com

h/t mymodernmet