The 10 Coolest Optical Illusions of 2014

A year has passed and we have covered some incredible optical illusions that take shape in a manner of forms, whether thats tattoo art, paintings or sculptures they are all amazing in their own right. Here are the 10 coolest optical illusions of 2014.

1. Shadows of People Walking on School Walls

Using multi-layered stencils Anders Gjennestad creates photorealistic art that uses perspective and shadows to make it appear as if people are actually walking up walls.

2. Aakash Nihalani’s Neon Shapes Pierce Human Torsos

Check out what New York-based artist Aakash Nihalani does with plain white t-shirts. By using cleverly designed isometric rectangles and squares crafted from neon tape he makes pieces that appear to pierce peoples torsos. Trippy!

3. Deteriorating Swimming Pool by Jeroen Bisscheroux

This isn’t a real pool, it’s actually completely flat. Created by Jeroen Bisscheroux this optical illusion titled POOL depicts a decaying swimming pool in what appears to be the middle of shopping complex.

4. This Incredible Mind Bending Tattoo by Paul O’Rourke

Paul O’Rourke created this incredible 3D tattoo that appears to have left the clients arm with a huge hole through it. It almost looks like you could stick your hand right through it. We have covered loads more amazing tattoos here.

5. Floating Tree Illusion

This optical illusion by Daniel Siering and art director Mario Schuster is all kinds of cool. The pair have made it look as if the tree is split in half and still standing by wrapping a section of it in foil and then using a spray can to merge it into its surroundings.

6. Incredible Forced Perspective Graffiti by Artist Odeith

Born in 1976 in Lisbon, graffiti artist Odeith creates amazing forced perspective works of art that appear to jump off of the walls they are painted on. Check out more here.

7. This Levitating Building in London by Alex Chinneck

Checkout this surreal artwork by British artist and designer Alex Chinneck titled Take My Lightning But Don’t Steal My Thunder. The artist has used an optical illusion that sits in front of Covent Garden in London. It was sculpted from the original market building. Check out plenty more of his optical illusions here.

8. A Woman Painted as a Parrot by Johannes Stroetter

Believe it or not you aren’t actually looking at a photograph of a parrot, you are actually looking at a woman whose entire body has been painted over to look like a parrot which is pretty crazy. Created by body painter Johannes Stoetter, you can learn more about the process here.

9. This Never Ending Sculpture by Takeshi Murata

This sculpture titled Melter by artist Takeshi Murata is both a combination of practical and digital effects. The chrome sphere spins whilst it is illuminated by strobe lights from different angles creating a truly spectacular effect.

10. Incredible 3D Optical Illustrations by Ramon Bruin

Ramon Bruin who is otherwise known as JJK Airbrush creates these incredible colour pencil drawings on multiple pieces of paper in such a way that they appear to jump out from the pages they are drawn on.

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