The 10 Most Epic Sports Photos of 2014

Mainstream media covers everything on sport that people want to know, whether thats who won sports personality of the year too what was the score for that football game last night, which is all well and fine… but theres so much more going on that we don’t see.

Between the broadcast of live sporting events such as Formula One, UFC fights and football games are the epic bits that you don’t see, but lucky for us there are photographers at hand to capture them. Here are some of 2014’s very best sporting moments forever captured in epic photographs.

1. Mirror image

Photo by Marwan Naamani

Formula One driver Esteban Gutierrez loses control of his car in front of Lotus driver Pastor Maldonado at the Bahrain Grand Prix circuit on April 6th 2014.

2. Taking the leap

Photo by Romina Amato

Dare devil David Colturi dives from a 27 metre high platform as part of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. This was the 5th stop in the series held at Islet Vila Franca do Campo in Azores, Portugal on July 26.

3. Right in the kisser

Photo by Josh Hedges

On the 23rd August James Vick punches Valmir Lazaro during a lightweight fight at a UFC Fight Night even held at BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

4. So much joy

Photo by David Ramos

Daniel Carrico celebrating his team, Sevilla FC, scoring their first goal during the UEFA Europa League Semi Final on May 1, 2014 in Spain.

5. Laying out

Photo by Matthew Lewis

Caught in mid-air – the epic reach of Dwayne Bravo playing for the West Indies on March 28, 2014 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

6. Cameras out!

Photo by Gareth Copley

People photographing Stage Two of Le Tour de France as cyclists ride up Haworth High Street, England on July 6 2014.

7. Back to back

Photo by Robert Cioanflone

Mesut Ozil of Germany and Lionel Messi of Argentina caught almost in perfect symmetry as they go back to back fighting for the ball during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

8. Federer in the shadows

Photo by Bradley Kanaris

This photo is on another level of epic. It might look like it’s been taken in a studio but this is actually a shot of Roger Federer from the 2014 Brisbane International held at Queensland Tennis Centre. Jan 4,2014.

9. Mean mugging

Photo by David Rogers

Take down! English rugby player Ben Morgan gets tackled by Italian Joshua Furno on March 15, 2014.

10. Into the fog

Photo by Cameron Spencer

Freestyle Skiing Pro’s Anna Holmlund, Stephanie Joffroy and Katrin Ofner jump through heavy fog during the Womens’ Ski Cross Quarter Finals, Winter Olympics 2014.

via Mashable

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