16 Real Life Fairytale Castles around the World

Castles have been the subjects of legends, myths tales and battles for centuries in both the real world and the fantasy world. The phrase “Fairytale Castle” instantly reminds us of the classic Cinderella castle made famous by Disney but the castles you see below aren’t cartoon drawings – they are very much real.

Here are 16 real life fairytale castles from around the world.

1. The ruins of Dunnottar Castle

via Airows

2. Lunar eclipse over Normandy Castle in France

Photo by Thierry Legault.

3. Werfen Castle in Austria

Photo by Goran Jovic.

4. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

via Airows

5. Alcazar Castle in Spain

Photo by Javier Javisego.

6. Castle within a cave, Slovenia

via Airows

7. Covadonga Castle in fog, Spain

Photo by Scott Wilson.

8. Rock Of Cashel, Ireland

via Airows

9. Castle above the clouds, Germany

Photo by Robin Holler.

10. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Photo by Alexey Seleznev.

11. Chillon Castle in Switzerland

via Airows

12. Carondelet Castle, Belgium

via Airows

13. Sigmaringen Castle in Germany

via Airows

14. Bourtange Castle, The Netherlands

via Airows

15. Hochosterwitz Castle, Austria

via Airows

16.Stalker Castle, Scotland

via Imgur

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