19 Hilarious Things Drunk People Did in 2014

This year has been a pretty mad one. Getting drunk can be fun but there is a fine line between drunk and absolutely gone and all these people are clearly closer to the latter. Here are the 19 most hilarious things drunk people did in 2014.

1. This guy tried to make friends with a fully grown alligator.

2. A student found the worst place to ever to sleep in.

3. A man tried to make love to an ATM.

4. A student got their head stuck in a bottle bank.

5. Drunk man claims his dog drove him to the shop.

6. Drunk man tried to ‘Drive It Off’.

7. Drunk student drives the wrong way up the A1 for EIGHT MILES.

8. Drunk guy tried to eat his DWI test.

9. A drunk student fell asleep and managed to melt their arm to a radiator.

10. A woman got so drunk she confused a jail for a bar.

11. This woman was so far gone she thought she was a heavy weight champion and MJ.

12. This drunk man bravely picked a fight with a police dog.

13. This guy mistook a real police officer for a stripper.

14. This guy decided to take drink driving to a new extreme.

15. This guy got arrested at Taco Bell and then got all sad in the mugshot.

16. A drunk woman relieved herself behind a crepe stall.

You seriously couldn’t even make up something this good.

17. A man tried to get intimate with a train drinks trolley.

18. A woman tried to steal a police car whilst they were still inside.

19. And this guy terrified the everyone on a pub crawl.

via Buzzfeed

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