21 Products You Need to Complete Your Life


Life can be tough at times, chores can get in the way and you can get hold back from being your awesome self. Thats where these products come in. Want to make a 3D latte? thats not a problem, want a beer but don't want to move from the sofa? robots have got that sorted.

These are the products you need to complete your life and you didn't even know it.

1. 3D Latte Printer

3d latte maker

Get it here.

2. This bathtub planetarium


Get it here.

3. A robot that brings you beer.

beer roboto

Get it here.

4. A guitar doorbell

guitar doorbell

Get it here.

5. This wine glass holder

hands free wine glass

Get it here.

6. A boat with a hot tub inside


Get it here.

7. A zip line that lights up

light up zipline

Get it here.

8. A "luminous sky portal"

luminous sky portal

Get it here.

9. A glowing sleep pod for your dog

nap pod dog

Get it here.

10. And a bigger one for yourself

nap pod

Get it here.

11. A personal pie maker

personal pie maker

Get it here.

12. A robotic mop. No more cleaning!

robot mop

Get it here.

13. A self cleaning cat litter box

self cleaning litter box

Get it here.

14. Self stirring chocolate mug

self stirring mug

Get it here.

15. Automatic spinning fork for spaghetti

self swirling saghetti fork

Get it here.

16. A sleeping bag you can wear around the house

sleeing bag suit

Get it here.

17. An underwater sports car

submarine sports car

Get it here. ( If you are stupidly rich )

18. A life sized T-Rex skeleton

trex skeleton

Get it here.

19. A wine glass that can take an entire bottle

wine glass entire bottle

Get it here.

20. The worlds largest puzzle

worlds largest puzzle

Get it here.

h/t buzzfeed