10 Useful Web Tools You Need in Your Life


For people that spend a lot of time on a computer or tablet all day for either work or entertainment visiting the same sites and viewing the same content can become repetitive and that challenge can be made even harder by hard to use apps and web tools.

These 1o useful web tools however will change your day to day interaction with technology for the better, whether you love podcasts or just want to keep up with what is trending on the web.

1. Infogram


Infogram is free to use and is brilliant for people that have to generate a lot of charts and infographics. It's simple to use with clearly laid out menus. A pro account will let you hook up real time data and share it privately.

2. Inbox

inbox gmail

Google Inbox is ideal for messy emailers - thats people who aren't as organised as they like to think they are. It's by no means the only easy email management tool but it works well. It's ideal for people who want to organise their emails quickly and efficiently.

3. Nuzzel


If you struggle to keep up with current affairs and are afraid that you won't know what everyone is talking about at the dinner party you are going to tomorrow then don't worry, Nuzzel is your best friend. You can link up your social networking accounts and it will let you know what friends are posting on sites such as Facebook and Twitter - it will then let you know the most-posted stories.

4. Medium


Useful for the aspiring journalists, writers or anyone who want's to be inspired by written work Medium is the tool for you. Popular with celebrities and even the president of the United States.

6. Product Hunt

product hunt

Product hunt is useful for anyone trying to stay ahead of everyone else when it comes to technology. It's a great place to lookout for new startups, apps and cool ideas. It uses an upvote system ensuring the very best products and ideas reach the front page.

7. Internet Arcade


Ideal for those looking to waste some time with retro games Internet Arcade will send you into a spiral of nostalgia. There are plenty of classics you will recognise and quite a few weird titles that you won't.

8. Genius


This site used to be called Rap Genius but it's since undergone drastic changes that allow anyone to upload and annotate any text which can then be embedded on any site. It makes for a pretty interesting way to explain texts.

9. F.lux


Screens are not good for your eyes and thats a fact that every tech lover will know and appreciate. If you are going to spend long periods of time on the computer then F.lux is what you need. It automatically adjusts your screen colour at certain times of the day, making it far easier on the eye.

10. Overcast


If you are addicted to podcasts then Overcast is what you've been missing in your life. It acts as a better functioning version of Apple's Podcast app with better discovery features and the ability to control the speed and volume of podcast playbacks.

h/t mashable