22 Unusual Winter Hats to Keep You Warm in Cold Weather


When the weather gets cold everyone dresses up to stay warm, and that normally includes wearing a beanie hat to keep your head and ears warm which is absolutely fine... but why would you want just an ordinary hat when you can have one of these instead.

Here are 22 unusual winter hats to keep you warm in the cold weather.

1. Knitted Aviator Hat

baby aviator hat

via Etsy.com

2. Bane Mask

bane mask

via Etsy.com

3. Beard Hat

beard hat

beard hat

via beardowear.com

4. Bender Hat

bender hat

5. Brain Cap

brain cap

via Etsy.com

6. Christmas Tree Hat

christmas tree hat

via amazon.com

7. Cthulhu Ski Hat

cthulhu ski hat

via Etsy.com

8. Death Mask

death mask

via Etsy.com

9. Deer Antler Snood

deer antler snood

via Etsy.com

10. Fox Cowl

fox owl

via ravelry.com

11. Gimli's Dwarven Helm

gimli dwarven hat

via saddayscrochet

12. Crocheted Knight's Helmet Cap

knights helmet cap 1

knights helmet cap

via Etsy.com

13. Knitted Gas Mask

knitted gas mask

via craftster.org

14. Medieval Hood

medieval hood

via kbutkowski

15. Mummy Hat

mummy hat

via Etsy.com

16. Optimus Prime

optimus prime hat

via Etsy.com

17. Owl and Wolf

owl and wolf hat

via Helen Rodel

18. Spock Vulcan Hat

spock vulcan hat

via Etsy.com

19. The Beholder Hat

the beholder hat 1

via imgur.com

20. Totoro Hat

totoro hat

via etsy.com

21. Viking Helmet

viking helmet

via drgibbs.deviantart.com

22. Yoda Hat

yoda hat

via imgur.com

h/t boredpanda