22 Pictures That Prove the Future Is Already Here in 2014

We have come a long way in just a few years and here are 22 pictures that prove it. Forget 2015, we are already in the future.

1. There is an app that translates signs in real time.

via Word Lens

2. Astronauts are taking selfies like this in space.

via howto.funcloud.com

3. This guys bionic arm.

via spectrum.ieee.org

4. And this robotic hand doing up a shoelace.

via gizmodo.co.uk

5. Water resistant protection like this exists.

via youtube.com

6. Cities are growing quicker than ever. This is Shanghai between 1987 and now:

via theatlantic.com

7. There are entire libraries where you just scan the QR code to get the book you want.

via pinterest.com

8. Adverts that interact with their surroundings.

9. Ice Cream holograms are a real thing.

via skunkandburningtires.com

10. Oculus rift being used for 3D sculpting.

via bleachlifeandyoutube.tumblr.com

11. All of this now fits in your pocket.

via avdawn.com

12. The amount of new planets discovered this year compared to all previous years.

via universetoday.com

13. There is a bin that knows where your rubbish is going to land.

via wirefresh.com

14. Robots are getting more realistic.

via sixpenceee.com

15. This door:

via youtube.com

16. Scientists can turn memories into videos.

via tumblr.com

17. This has happened.

via yantragyan.com

18. Bathrooms with smart glass that comes on when you lock the door. Would you trust it?

via 9gag.com

19. This is what can be done with a green screen.

via buzzhand.com

20. This automatically stabilising spoon for people with parkinson’s.

via sadmoment.com

21. Transparent cars are being developed.

via landrover.com

22. How gatherings have changed:

via instagram.com

If you were getting a little too excited about the future though, here’s a reminder that we still have some problems to overcome…

via Imgur

via Imgur

via Imgur

via Imgur

h/t Buzzfeed

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