26 Dads Who Have Totally Nailed This Whole Parenting Thing

Becoming a parent is a massive change in anyones lives and at first it can seem a little scary, but really it’s rewarding being a parent, especially if you are as clever and cool as one of these dads.

They aren’t afraid to join in with activities they are clearly too old for, and when it comes to occasions like fathers day they know how to reap the rewards.

1. Daughter wanted to play dress up, so dad joined in.

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2. This dad letting his daughter paint his nails whilst he games.

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3. This dad teaching his kids the importance of keeping fit.

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4. Even after a long day at work this father still makes time for the most important job of all.

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5. This dad who doesn’t mind sitting at the kids table.

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6. Daddy Daughter tea party.

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7. This dad teaching his daughter to surf.

Image via surfline.com

8. This dad who wears a cute bow when his daughter does.

Image via Reddit

9. What happens when dad is left alone at bath time.

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10. Like Daughter, Like Father

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11. This dad who takes his kids to the gym, and then uses them to keep fit.

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12. This dad letting his daughter practice her beautician skills.

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13. This dad wearing his daughters short shorts.

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14. Napping dad gets a free massage.

Image via thewinthropchronicles.blogspot.co.uk

15. This dad who has convinced his kids that they are in control.

Image via cheezburger.com

16. She wanted to push the cart for once.

Image via Boredpanda

17. This dad doing his daughters hair.

Image via Lina D

18. Mum said the kids need to stay in bed…

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19. This dad who is letting his kid use him as a seat. 

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20. This dad painting his daughters nails.

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21. She wanted a swing, so daddy became one.

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22. Killing two birds with one stone.

Image via Reddit

23. This dad on his tractor with his miniature self by his side.

Image via thechive.com

24. Letting his kid help him play guitar.

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25. Angel baby and devil dad.

Image via Milena Písačková

26. This dad on fathers day.

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