27 Heart Stopping Examples of Action Photography


People do the craziest of things, and then they get someone to capture the moment which results in photographs like these. We can imagine a lot of them, especially the ones involving water or the ones taken from a first perspective are captured using a GoPro, others are clearly captured using a professional camera made clear by their epic quality.

Here are 27 heart stopping examples of action photography.

base jump lay down

Photo by Hizam Sahibudeen

china tight rope

Photo by China Daily

amazing point of view go pro 1

Photo by Jordan Miller

cliff dive black and white

Photo by Romina Amato

cliff jump

Photo by Krystle Wright

amazing point of view go pro 2

Photo by Brody Leven


Photo by Lukas Barth

dam base jump

Photo by Vadimir Mahorov

amazing point of view go pro 3

Photo via blog.mugnai.netdna-cdn.com

extreme mountain biking

Photo by Victor Lucas

free climbing selfie

Photo by Kirill Oreshkin

amazing point of view go pro 5

Photo via api.ning.com

giraffe bike jump sunset

Photo by Joerg Mitter


Photo by David Litchfield

jet intercepts military

Photo by Staff Sgt. Kevin L. Bishop

kayak frozen waterfall

Photo by Eric Parker

northern lights ice

Photo by Reuben Krabbe

amazing point of view go pro 6

Photo by James Kingston

planes joint by wing walker

Photo by Markus Zinner

right rope building

Photo by Tom Ryaboi

rubber ring skydive

Photo by David Bengtsson

sand dune rally

Photo by Tristan Shu

shark bait

Photo by Amanda Brewer

skydive lay back

Photo by Vincent Thian

skydivers shake hands

Photo by Dom Daher

tight rope foggy mountains

Photo by Markus Stadler

woman on bridge

Photo by Jordan Matters

h/t Airows