3D Printed Yearbooks Let Blind Students "See" Their Friends


Yearbooks are a brilliant keepsake that help preserve memories and remember old friends and classmates a long time after you've moved on. But those that are visually impaired don't get to keep such memories. That was until 3D TEK, a 3D printing agency partnered up with blind students in South Korea to create 3D busts of students heads - allowing students to touch and "see" their friends.

Each bust is accompanied by a name that is written at the bottom of the bust in Braille, just like the format of a traditional yearbook. Thanks to the advances and increasing availability of 3D printing technology these students now have memories of their school friends that will last with them forever.


3d printed yearbooks 2

3d printed yearbooks 3

3d printed yearbooks 4

3d printed yearbooks 5

3d printed yearbooks 6

source: 3dprint.com

h/t mymodernmet