The 7 Most Adorable Fox Species in Existence


When some hear the word Fox they might suddenly think of this often shy species as vermin, but that isn't the case. Here in the UK foxes can be a problem in built up areas. The type of fox everyone immediately thinks of is a Red Fox but that isn't the only type in the world.

It turns out that this species is very capable to adapting to all kinds of environments, from arctic tundra to hot deserts, here are 7 adorable fox species you might not have seen before.

Arctic Fox

arctic fox 1

Photo by Daniel Parent

arctic fox 2

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arctic fox 3

Photo by Einar Gudmann

arctic fox 4

Photo by William Doran

The arctic fox is probably the fluffiest fox on this list, and with good reason, as they must endure temperatures as low as -70 degrees Celsius (-94 Fahrenheit). The foxes even have short legs to make them smaller, making it easier to retain body heat. Isn't that just adorable.

Cross Fox

cross fox 1

Photo by Ben Andrew

cross fox 2

Photo by Ben Andrew

Most commonly found in North America the Cross fox is another variant of the Red fox.

Fennec Fox

fennec fox 1

Photo by Francisco Mingorance

fennec fox 2

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Fennec Foxes are native to North Africa and the Sahara desert. They can easily be identified by their large ears which they use to dissipate body heat as well as listen out for prey. They can hear prey moving under the sand their hearing is that good!. You might be thinking that their fur would surely make them too hot in these warmer climates but it can still get very cold in the desert at night.

Gray Fox

gray fox 1

Photo by Variegated Vibes

gray fox 2

Photo by John Pane

The Gray Fox lives throughout Northern America and can be identified by its rather unique grey and white dashed upper coat and tail. This fox has a special ability like no other - it is capable of climbing trees.

Marble Fox

marble fox 1

marble fox 2

red fox 5

Photo by Ewald Mario

This fox is a member of the Red Fox species and its colour is not naturally occurring. It was bred by humans to be this colour for its fur which is pretty sad, but doesn't make it any less beautiful.

Red Fox


Photo by Roeselien Raimond

red fox 2

Photo by Kai Fagerström

red fox 3

Photo by Wenda Atkin

red fox 4

Photo by Roeselien Raimond

You will recognise this fox. The Red Fox is the most common and wide spread of the species. Normally found in the Northern Hemisphere and even Australia. The fox thrives in many environments due to its excellent hunting ability.

Silver Fox

silver fox 1

Photo by Shelley Evans

silver fox 2

Photo by Matt Knoth

The silver fox is the same species as the red fox and was at one time just as common. The only difference between the two is their colour. Silver foxes are still bred on farms for their fur.