26 Signs That Need to Be Explained Immediately

These signs owe us all an explanation. Behind every sign is a story, so if thats a case you really have to wonder what the hell happened here.

1. Seriously, stop it.

2. What did the moose do!?

3. A kind reminder.

4. Don’t go beyond this point.

5. Seriously, what happened here?

6. It’s obviously a recurring problem.

7. Are you sure?

8. He’s seen a lot of things.

9. Don’t touch up the fire hose.

10. Things must have got pretty crazy here.

11. No longer a public shower room.

12. This sounds way to scary.

13. Just stick to the shopping.

14. What a depressing sign.

15. “Try and stop me”

16. Do not disturb.

17. No more kids buzzing off of caffeine.

18. Thanks for the heads up.

19. Stating the obvious.

20. Why is there a one hour gap?

21. Since when did this become a sport?

22. You better watch out.

23. This goose.

24. Sorry, what?

25. This terrifying truth.

26. And finally, forget day care centres!.

h/t buzzfeed

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