Apple's New Christmas Advert Is a Complete Tearjerker


So Apple's latest christmas advert will take you on a journey that will leave you in tears. Titled "The Song" a young girl finds a song her grandmother wrote many years ago for her husband. With the help of some apple devices and a certain piece of music software she remakes that song for her grandmother.

If you aren't in tears by the end of this advert then were is your heart!? prepare for the feels.

It all starts when a young girl finds an old record made by her grandmother...

apple christmas ad 1

It appears to be written about her husband.

apple christmas ad 2

The record is a little old, so she decides to record a new one with the help of some apple products.


Her grandmother sits down to play the song which at this point a complete surprise.

apple christmas ad 4

And then the feels come flooding in...

apple christmas ad 5

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