Norwegian Man Sees a Duck Stuck under the Ice, so He Jumps in and Saves It!

Whilst this man was passing by a lake in Norway he noticed a duck that was in need or rescuing urgently, so he decided to jump straight into a frozen lake to rescue it.

Smashing through the ice to rescue his new feathered friend we can only imagine how cold it was, but 36-year-old Norwegian Lars Jørun Langøien didn’t seem to care. He was already in swimwear apparently so didn’t think much of it. Some are calling him the King of Ducks. He’s certainly earned that title.

The duck was just out for a stroll on the frozen lake.

When suddenly it became stuck.

Lars Jørun Langøien jumped into the freezing water to rescue the duck, smashing through the ice.

The two of them then became best friends, obviously.

The duck looks pretty grateful for Langøien and his heroic actions.

Lars Jørun Langøien, you are the king of Ducks.


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