Behind These Adorable Photographs of a Pomeranian Named Flint Is an Amazing Story


Meet Flint the Pomeranian who might just be the cutest dog we have ever seen, and although these photographs are adorable and a delight to look at, the real motive for taking them is far more amazing.

Photographer and owner of Flint, Robin Yu, has a rare form of muscular dystrophy. In an interview with Mymodernmet Robin says that as a young child she enjoyed playing outdoors, but growing up as a teenager she became increasingly i'll until she was diagnosed with Pompe through a muscle biopsy.

At 9 months old and an adorable bundle of fur Flint came into Yu's life. Together they discovered a community full of people who were training their dogs to do awesome tricks and compete but after a while Yu realised she wouldn't be physically fit enough to compete. It was at this point she turned to photographing Flint and she hasn't looked back since.

Photo Shoots with Flint can be hard at times due to her illness but family members are always at hand to help. Thanks to Flints early training for tricks when he was a pup he's as good as gold and doesn't have a problem posing for the camera.

"For now, I am enjoying photographing Flint and planning for new photos and videos. It gives me a sense of purpose and helps to keep me motivated. Creating these photos and videos with Flint has brought me a lot of joy and seeing how they make other people happy as well has just been icing on the cake."

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