This Couple Thought They Adopted a Cute Micro Pig, but It Grew to 670 Pounds

When Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter adopted Esther the pig they thought that she was a pygmy piglet, which usually don’t grow to be that big at all, but they soon realised that Esther was actually a commercial pig. What gave that away you might ask? the fact that Esther had grown to an impressive 667 lbs in just two years.

Since then Esther has changed their lives for the better. They developed a strong friendship with Esther and decided that eating pigs and other animals was wrong so decided to become vegans. Esther has even inspired them to devote their lives to building an animal shelter. For more information checkout Facebook and Twitter.

Esther was only 3 pounds when they first adopted her…

Even though she grew to 670 pounds they kept her anyway!

Esther gets along with the rest of the pets…

…and plays with her owners all the time.

Esther was so smart that Steve and Derek decided eating pork and other animals was wrong so they became vegans.

The two dads were inspired to start their own animal sanctuary.

So far they have raised an impressive $440,225 on Indiegogo!

They do say that raising a pig is pretty hard and certainly isn’t for everyone.

Esther needs a lot of attention!

And a lot of food.

But they have loved every minute of it.

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