The 10 Most Heartwarming Stories of 2014

With all the bad news in the world it’s important to remember that there is always good happening around us all the time. In 2014 we’ve seen some incredible moments that have captured our hearts forever. Here are ten of the most heartwarming stories in 2014.

1. 3D Printed Photographs Allow the Visually Impaired to Relive Old Memories

3D printed photographs make picturing old memories a possibility for those that are visually impaired. Titled “Touchable Memories” this project aims to use 3D printing technology to help people re-experience visual memories. The idea works very much like traditional braille. You can learn more here.

2. Norwegian Man Sees a Duck Stuck under the Ice, so He Jumps in and Saves It!

Read more here.

3. Barber Helps the Homeless by Giving them Free Haircuts in His Spare Time

Mark Bustos, a thirty-year-old hair artist who works in a boutique salon in Manhattan. Working in an upscale barbers he is used to dealing with clientele with money, evident by the price list which starts at $150. Having cut a fair few stars hair you would think that this is why Bustos has been attracting attention via social media but you would be wrong. In his spare time he goes out onto the streets and offers haircuts to the homeless who cannot afford even a basic hair cut from your average barber. Read more here.

4. Elderly Lady Gets Her Last Wishes Granted

This lady had one last wish before she passed away and that was to see the ocean for herself one last time. The look on her face is quite literally priceless. She got her wish. via ecost

5. Hospitalised Man Made Better by Seeing His Dog

A man in hospital asked to see his dog before he got too sick. When the two of them were reunited the mans health improved remarkably. Read more.

6. Young Boy Born Without Fingers Gets Awesome New Iron Man Hand

Rayden was born without some fingers on his right hand due to amniotic band syndrome. This disability had become something that was holding him back, that was until he was given a new prosthetic hand. Now he is learning to ride a bike, catch a ball and perform other everyday tasks with his new prosthetic hand inspired by the film Iron Man. See more here.

7. 3D Printed Prosthetics Allow Derby the Dog to Run for the First Time

Thanks to some awesome owners and clever engineering Derby can now walk and run again like every other dog. See more here.

8. Animals That Have Been given a Second Chance in Life

Thanks to advances in technology and the love they have received from humans these animals have been given a second chance in life. See more here.

9. Soldier Paralyzed in Combat Still Manages to Have the First Dance at His Wedding

This groom was paralyzed in combat but was determined to make sure that he would have the first dance at his own wedding. He organised a harness that would allow him to stand, surprising everyone including his own wife. Read more here.

10. Baby Goat Rejected by Mother Becomes Best Friends with Human Instead

Benjamin the pygmy goat became best friends with owner Tom after he was abandoned by his mum. The two of them have since become inseparable. Read more here.

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