Epic Fan Made Trailer Puts Marvel and DC Superheroes Head to Head

This epic video mashup shoes us what it would be like if DC heroes and Marvel heroes went head to head and it’s pretty much the coolest superhero video on the internet. 

It’s far from perfect but it’s pretty damn exciting so just remember that it is fan made. It still does an epic job of imagining what a world full of all superheroes would be like. 

While we would love to see Thanos killing everyone here, we can do without him for now, because we all know how this plays out right? 

What did you think about this? Who will win in this epic battle between Marvel super heroes and DC? While Superman is pretty much untouchable, Thor seems to be just as strong. This could be an awesome movie to watch and I’m pretty sure it will see the light of day some day.

Marvel, it’s on you now. I have said my piece. 

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