Lamborghini's Luxurious New 88 Tauri Phone Will Cost $6,000



If this phone is targeted at consumers who already own a Lamborghini then the price would seem justified, but don't expect to see many people using this phone, not only does it cost $6,000 but only 1,947 units will be made which will add to the exclusivity factor.

The 88 Tauri is a luxury phone by Lamborghini themselves finished in steel and leather. The phone is to feature a 5-inch screen and will be using a quad-core Qualcomm 801 processor on the inside. As you would expect, the finish on the phone is of Lamborghini quality but the actual hardware is hardly ground breaking with the phone boasting performance figures that match that of phones released early this year.

The phone does however have a few impressive features including a 20 Mega-pixel rear facing camera and 64GB of storage, which is quite right considering they want $6,000 for this thing. The 88 Tauri will be running Android 4.4+ and seems like the perfect accessory for every super rich car and phone lover out there.

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