This Present Wrapping Technique Will Make Your Life so Much Easier


This is the one present wrapping, life-hacking technique you need to learn because it's going to make life so much easier. With christmas on it's way here's how you can wrap a present in six easy steps:

Step 1: First you need to get hold of that present and put it on the paper.

present wrapping life hack 1

Put it down diagonally so the two corners are touching the edges of the paper.

Step 2: Begin to fold the corners inwards.

present wrapping life hack 2

Step 3: Apply some tape for good measure.


Step 4: Fold it and flip it over.

present wrapping life hack 4

Step 5: Keep going, almost there.

present wrapping life hack 5

Step 6: Finished. Now apply even more tape like an absolute boss.

present wrapping life hack 6

You are done!.

Images via Buzzfeed