If Life Was a Video Game Right Now It Would Be Terrible


Lets face is, if life was a video game right now then it would suck. There wouldn't be any real fun or adventure - just same challenges and goals related Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that constantly require you to keep posting all the "cool stuff" you are doing in order to gain more likes and more followers in order to improve your sense of self worth.

This video put together by Dissolve shows us what a video game about life would be like, and as awful and funny as it makes us out to be its pretty much spot on with the truth - your life bar is linked to how many people are following and liking your content.

It seems that too many people live their lives like I a game, placing more importance on followers than friends, and if it isn't "Facebook" official or Instagram worthy then it might as well not have happened. If you take anything away from this video it should be that you should live your life however you want, do what makes you happy and not give a damn about getting those likes.

h/t Sploid