The Northern Lights Captured in an Incredible Timelapse


The northern lights are perhaps one of the most majestic and awe inspiring naturally occurring phenomenoms on earth, and Joe Capra of Scientifantastic has managed to capture them in all their glory after embarking on a shoot that lasted 10 days and took him across Greenland and Iceland. He spent four days in Iceland and six days shooting the amazing Aurora footage in Greenland and what he has created is nothing short of breathtaking.

The video gets seriously amazing at about 0:37 and from then onwards, it's incredible to see the way in which the aurora moves slowly across the nights sky. In an interview with My Modern Met Capra stated how it was the first time he had ever seen the Northern Lights, and filming a time lapse of them was actually quite a challenge as within 30 minutes the lights moved out of frame. Even so, he has done an incredible job at capturing them.

incredible aurora timelapse 1

incredible aurora timelapse 2

incredible aurora timelapse 3

incredible aurora timelapse 4



h/t mymodernmet