Young Boy Spends the Entire Year Saving $120 and Then Uses It to Help the Homeless


When Imgur user Phineas1713 was in bed one morning his son walked into his room and woke him up to say that he wanted to use the money he had saved this year to make lunches for the homeless. His dad admits that he almost tried to talk his son out of it for a second but he could see how determined he was so decided to just go along with it.. a brilliant decision that paid off.

The father and son visited a local grocery store and purchased the essentials.

song gives away gifts to homeless 1

His dad was immediately put onto sandwich duty whilst he started sorting out the bags with the rest of the items from the store.

song gives away gifts to homeless 2

Here he is looking proud.


song gives away gifts to homeless 4

Loading lunch into the back of the car.

song gives away gifts to homeless 5

Giving out lunch to the homeless. The father says that his son did most of the handing out but this was the only picture they got.

song gives away gifts to homeless 6

It's amazing to see that someone so young can be so selfless and considerate to those around them. Clearly Phineas1713 is an amazing parent and his son is equally as incredible.

source: Imgur