13 Super Fluffy Cats Melting into Glass


These 13 super fluffy cats prove that they have two states: solid and liquid. It would appear that as soon as they step onto glass and take a lie down they begin melting. One thing is for sure, if you are a cat owner then you'll be wanting a glass table after this.

1. Who Knew That Cats Turn into Marshmallows When They Come into Contact with Glass!

cats on glass 1

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2. Even the Paws

cats on glass 2

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3. And Whilst They Sleep

cats on glass 3

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4. You Really Do Get to See a Cat from a Different Angle

cats on glass 4

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5. This Cat Has Reached Its Squishy Peak

cats on glass 5

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6. Their Paws Look so Adorable

cats on glass 6

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7. This Cat Is Slowly Turning from Solid to Liquid

cats on glass 7

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8. Engaging Squished Cat Mode

cats on glass 8

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9. Standing on Glass Is Clearly a Time for Reflection and Deep Thoughts

cats on glass 9

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10. Is This Cat on Glass or Has It Mastered Levitation?

cats on glass 10

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11. About to Jump

cats on glass 11

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12. Awww Yiss

cats on glass 12

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13. Just Chilling out Here, Looking Majestic


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