16 Animals That Are Way to Chilled to Even Care Right Now


Next time you find yourself sitting at a bar with friends, relaxing by the pool in the sun or just trying to relax, pay a thought to these animals because they could teach you a thing or too about the definition of chill. They are so chilled out they don't even care right now.

1. This Kangaroo

chilled animals 1

via Graham McGeorge

2. This Pug


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3. This cat just hanging out.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 14.27.47

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4. This cat knows how to wear a hat.

chilled animals 3

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5. Chilled out cat.

chilled animals 4

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6. So chilled out he's meditating.

chilled animals 5

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7. This frog.

chilled animals 6

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8. This cat is totally chilled.

chilled animals 7

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9. This monkey.

chilled animals 8

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10. This bear.

chilled animals 9

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11. This monkey.

chilled animals 10

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12. This cute duo.

chilled animals 11

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13. This guy.

chilled animals 12

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14. This squirrel is totally chill.

chilled animals 13

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15. This cute cat.

chilled animals 14

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16. This seal.

chilled animals 15

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