20 Pictures That Prove What a Difference Adopting a Pet Makes

Before ever going and getting a puppy, kitten or any animal for that matter and giving it a loving home you should spare a thought for those animals that are already here and don’t have one.

Shelter homes for animals are full of loving and caring cats and dogs that are just looking for someone who will take care of them. These before and after photos of pets that have been adopted just go to show what a difference it makes.

Of course there is plenty more to consider when adopting a pet, but just look at how much happiness it can bring. This is guaranteed to pull at your heart strings.

1. Spokey

via goldie

2. Jackson

via AUChris03

3. Bumble Bee

via BETA Lebanon

4. Pillow

via imgur

5. Ned on the Journey Home

via sanantoniojackson

6. Sandy

via imgur

7. Little Stray Cat

via Lanny14

8. Amelia

via imgur

9. Laurel

via imgur

10. Bandit

via imgur

11. Little Guy

via thadaclese

12. Val

via clutchdeve

13. Golden Retriever

via imgur

14. Stray Cat

via imgur

15. Chex

via imgur

16. Bodza

via Szabina Nyirfalvi-Lados

17. Ara

via Alexandra Stefanel

18. Nora Budulis

via Gintarė Matevičiūtė

19. Moos

via Marike Benschop

20. Brillo

via Silvia Filoni

h/t boredpanda

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