18 Brilliant Pieces of Furniture Made from Recycled Car Parts

A car for most people is just a way of getting from point to point and thats about it. We change car quite a few times in our lifetimes and that point it normally goes to a new owner, but what happens when a car is simply just too old? most of them end up in a scrap yard where they are stripped apart and recycled.

Luckily for us there are people that see more than just scrap metal, they see an opportunity to create something amazing. What they have done is take old car parts and create something functional for a house to use. Here are 18 brilliant pieces of furniture made from recycled car parts.

1. A crashed Ferrari that now sits in pieces, incased within a glass coffee table.

2. 1965 Ford Mustang turned into a pool table.

Image via Hi Consumption

3. This sink made from an old Volvo.

Image via Dude Craft

4. A table made from a cars roof complete with roof rack.

Image via Speed Blur

5. A V8 engine that is now a wine rack.

Image via Speed Blur

6. Old tyres turned into garden furniture.

Image via Green Diary

7. A bed made from the front end of a Mitsubishi Evo.

Image via Car Throttle

8. A bad made out of a Cadillac.

Image via Complex

9. The back of a Chevrolet turned into a comfy sofa.

Image via Sweet Sofas

10. This glass table made from an old Jaguar engine.

Image via Car Throttle

11. A glass topped table supported by old springs taken from a cars suspension.

Image via The House Face

12. Two chairs made from old car seats.

Image via Complex

13. A clock made from an old license plate.

Image via Complex

14. Mini desk.

Image via Car Throttle

15. This glass topped table made using Rolls Royce radiators. 

Image via Strange Cosmos

16. Using a mini cooper as a Barbecue.

Image via Car Throttle

17. Using a Jaguar as a storage unit.

Image via Car Throttle

18. A desk setup within the front of a bus.

Image via Iho

via Viralnova

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