20 Amazing Shared Home Office Designs

Working in an office environment has changed dramatically over time as people have come to realise that working in an environment that you don’t feel comfortable in not only kills creativity but it also makes you less productive. The idea of having a shared office is great, if people in your house work from home you can be in a work environment that you are both comfortable in.

The idea of having two desks and an office chair each is boring and won’t suit everyone and the way they work, which is why these clever workspaces include comfy armchairs and sometimes even beds. Here are 20 amazing shared home office designs to get you inspired.

By LEICHT New York

By Jute Interior Design

By Derrick Tamara

By Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

By ASAP House

By Dixon Construction

By S.I.D. Ltd.

By Artistic Designs for Living

By After Design

By CONTENT Architecture

By GB Group Construction

By B Fein Interior Design

By GB Group Construction

By Michael Abrams Limited

h/t decoist.com

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