21 Pictures That Perfectly Sum up Life


These 21 pictures prove that the struggle is all to real.  If you are ever feeling down then fear not, these people have had it much worse. Life in a nutshell.

1. This beautiful beach photo.

life fail beach

via @NyiaTiara

2. This juice disaster.

life fail capri sun

via @aidabelle

3. This elegant catch.

life fail catch

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4. This coffee break.

life fail coffee

via theberry.com

5. This dogs situation.

life fail dog stuck

via @BillDing69

6. This fast food order.

life fail fast food

via @m3and_h

7. This catastrophe.

life fail favourite mug

via @ashleigh_cross

8. This.

life fail fire

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9. This firefighting attempt.


via @elise_mauro

10. This.

life fail fork

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11. This iPhone predicament.

life fail iphone lock

via imore.com

12. This kid.

life fail kid stuck

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13. This test.

life fail maths

via @rpesce314

14. This perfectly timed photo.

life fail perfectly timed photo

via @beatlem_

15. This guy.

life fail pizza

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16. This jump.

life fail pool

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17. This clear message.

life fail scale

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18. This girl.

life fail sport

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19. This awkward conversation.

life fail text fail

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20. This toilet nightmare.

life fail toilet roll

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21. This dress.

life fail wedding dress

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