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These 28 Cute Baby Animals Will Melt Your Heart

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In the animal world there is nothing more cute than a small cub, kitten, pup, calf or chick. Here are 28 adorable baby animals that will melt your heart.

1. Albino Baby Koala

cute baby albino koala

via imgur.com

2. Baby Ant Eater

cute baby ant eater

via Unknown

3. Baby Rabbit

cute baby blanket bunny

via Unknown

4. Baby Rabbit

cute baby bunny

via Unknown

5. Baby Chameleon

cute baby chameleon

via ckminihane

6. Baby Chinchilla

cute baby chinchilla

via desibucket.com

7. Baby Deer

cute baby deer

via Jeff Moore

8. Baby Dolphin

cute baby dolphin

via dailymail.com

9. Baby Donkey

cute baby donkey

via minidonks.com

10. Baby Elephant

cute baby elephant

via africanoverlandtours.com

11. Baby Foal

cute baby foal

via dailymail.com

12. Baby Fox

cute baby fox

via Wenda Atkin

13. Baby Giraffe

cute baby giraffe

via shizzi

14. Baby Hamster


via Unknown

15. Baby Hippo

cute baby hippo

via dailymail.com

16. Kitten

cute baby kitten

via lolosad.com

17. Baby Lamb

cute baby lamb

via Geir Magne Sætre

18. Baby Octopus

cute baby octopus

via Unknown

19. Baby Otter

cute baby otter

via imgur.com

20. Baby Owl

cute baby owl

via owlyoureyes.tumblr.com

21. Baby Panda

cute baby panda

via Unknown

22. Baby Penguins

Gentoo Penguin

via Andreas Butz

23. Piglet

cute baby piglet

via Brittney Williford

24. Baby Polar Bear

cute baby polar bear

via hdwallpaper.ws

25. Puppy

cute baby puppy

via blog.naver.com

26. Baby Sloth

cute baby sloth

via superbwallpapers.com

27. Baby Tapir

cute baby tapir

via imgur.com

28. Baby Hippo

cute baby underwater hippo

via Rolfe Winkler