30 Powerful Photographs of the Human Race

The world is an incredible place full of tragedy, joy and magical moments and portrait photography is an incredible art form capable of capturing those moments in the form of powerful and striking photographs. These 30 powerful photographs showcase the human race at it’s very best and at it’s every worst.

1. A Mother and Daughter Kiss Each Other. After Being Disfigured in an Acid Attack They Say That Others Don’t like to Kiss Them.

via Ebrahim Noroozi

2. A Boy Rescues His Younger Sister from underneath the Rubble of Their Home in Syria.

via reuters

3. Famous Surgeon Zbigniew Religa Sits Exhausted after a 23-Hour Long Heart Transplant Procedure Which Was a Success.

via James Stanfield

4. 12-Year-Old Diego FrazãO Torquato Plays the Violin at His Teachers Funeral.

via salvemasnossascriancas.blogspot.com

5. This Adorable Old Couple.

via Sarawut Intarob

6. A Yezidi Girl Carries a Rifle to Protect Her Family from ISIS.

via imgur.com

7. Egyptian Woman Kisses a Policeman That Refused to Fire on Protestors.

via tolaire.com

8. Guarani Girls Holds on Tightly to a Dead Rat.

via Gregory J. Smith

9. A Little Girl Who Survived 11 Days in a Freezing Siberian Forest.

via huffingtonpost.com

10. Two Elderly Women Are Finally Able to Marry after Spending Decades Together.

via Thomas Geyer

11. 13-Year-Old Eagle Huntress in Mongolia.

via Asher Svidensky

12. A Soldier on Duty in South Vietnam, 1965.

via Horst Faas

13. A Young Boy from Sao Paulo Stares into the Camera.

via David Lazar

14. An Albino Boy and a Black Baby Napping Together.

via Patricia Willocq

15. Blind Albino Students at the Vivekananda Mission School in India.

via Brent Stirton

16. A Rwandan Boy Scarred from Escaping a Death Camp.

via James Nachtwey

17. A Group of Shaolin Monks Training.

via Steve McCurry

18. A Young Girl in Madagascar.

via Ken Thorne

19. A Young Chinese Solider Breaks down into Tears before Shipping off for Service.

via imgur.com

20. An Elderly Armenian Woman Guards Her Home. She Is 106-Years-Old.

via Armineh Johannes

21. Chief of a Village in Brazil.

via David Lazar

22. The Migrant Mother.

via Dorothea Lange

23. A Mother and Her Baby at a Emergency Feeding Centre in Tahoua, Niger.

via Finbarr O’Reilly

24. Geisha In Subway.

via Steve McCurry

25. A Miner inside an Unregulated Mine Located in Sabinas, Mexico.

via Reuters

26. A Coal Miner Smokes a Cigarette after Finishing His Shift.

via Reuters/Stringer

27. Girl Young Yazidi Girl Rests at the Iraqi-Syrian Border.

via Reuters

28. A Young Girl in Tribal Body Paint Poses with Her Puppy.

via David Lazar

29. A Boy from the Suri Tribe.

via Sergio Carbajo

30. A Man Crying after Finding a Family Album in the Rumble of His Home.

via Mads Nissen

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