This Alaskan Couple Carve the Most Incredible Ice Sculptures


Husband and wife Steve and Heather Brice both live in Alaska, Fairbanks and carve the most incredible award-winning ice sculptures you've ever seen. There work has been showcased around the world, they compete at the World Ice Art Championships and they even have their own permanent gallery.

The couple actually met through an ice carving project for a Catholic school although they have very different backgrounds. Steve is a self taught sculpture but his wife Heather went to college where she studied sculpting as a degree.

On their website Heather says "Steve let me carve the Madonna hands on a piece at the local Catholic school, and I was hooked." The two of them now run a business where they create ice sculptures for commissions, events and occasionally even workshops.



alaskan couple ice sculptures 3

alaskan couple ice sculptures 4

alaskan couple ice sculptures 5

alaskan couple ice sculptures 6


h/t mymodernmet