Creative Cartoons Battle the Illustrator Drawing Them


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Artist Alex Solis has created a brilliant series in which the cartoon character he draws is battling with him. The character is shown in numerous situations, including getting his head grabbed, punched and squished. If that sounds a little one-sided to you then don't worry, the cartoon character gets its own back too.

The drawings developed into a series titled Inkeraction after Alex received a lot of positive feedback about the drawings. The artist told My Modern Met about the series - "I want people to, in a way, know that art is a bit more then just lines on a paper. Even though it's not real, I want people to have that feeling that this actually is happening. I also just want people to like it and share it with their friends. I love the idea of being able to not only connect and interact with my work, but with whoever is following the series, making them feel like they're a part of it."

Alex isn't sure when the series will end although he has some idea of how its all going to come together. For now though you can follow the series via Flickr.

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Source: Flickr