24 Places You’ve Been Pronouncing Wrong Your Entire Life

If you are travelling abroad to an unfamiliar place and want to make friends with the locals, you might not be fluent in their language however you can always give a good impression by pronouncing the name of the place you’re in correctly. Thankfully to save yourself from offending anyone or sounding ridiculous, Thrillophilia have put together a list of the most commonly mispronounced place names.

To the left is how the majority of people say the place name and to the right is how it is correctly pronounced. Now you can keep correcting your friends every time they mention one of their holidays or where they are planning on going next.

Bangkok, Thailand

Melbourne, Australia

Reykjavik, Iceland

Dubai, UAE

Beijing, China

Budapest, Hungary

Phuket, Thailand

Brisbane, Australia


Yosemite Park, USA


Montreal, Canada


The River Thames, UK

Versailles, France

Worcester, UK

Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem

Helena, USA

Kissimmee, USA

Lafayette, USA

La Jolla, USA



Worcestershire, UK

Source: thrillophilia.com

h/t boredpanda.com

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