Organic Burial Pods Allow You to Become a Tree When You Die

Regardless of your faith or lack of for that matter, we can all probably agree that this idea pretty appealing. Forget a coffin, burial pods are a new biodegradable alternative that will turn a persons deceased body into nutrients that will help a tree grow and blossom, essentially bringing the persons entire life full circle.

After being put into the fetal position the person is buried in a small capsule and a tree or seed is planted above their capsule. Their are multiple trees to choose from however the project remains a concept due to burial laws in Italy. The idea that instead of chopping down a tree for wood to create a coffin, you are actually creating a tree which your loved ones can visit and care for is quite comforting.

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The burial pods are an eco-friendly alternative to the coffin.

The trees would also look a lot better. Rather than visit a graveyard full of tombstones, those who want to mourn for their loved ones will be met with an enchanting forest.

There are five different trees to choose from.

The person inside the burial pod will become nutrients to help the tree grow.


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