Organic Burial Pods Allow You to Become a Tree When You Die

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Regardless of your faith or lack of for that matter, we can all probably agree that this idea pretty appealing. Forget a coffin, burial pods are a new biodegradable alternative that will turn a persons deceased body into nutrients that will help a tree grow and blossom, essentially bringing the persons entire life full circle.

After being put into the fetal position the person is buried in a small capsule and a tree or seed is planted above their capsule. Their are multiple trees to choose from however the project remains a concept due to burial laws in Italy. The idea that instead of chopping down a tree for wood to create a coffin, you are actually creating a tree which your loved ones can visit and care for is quite comforting.

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The burial pods are an eco-friendly alternative to the coffin.


The trees would also look a lot better. Rather than visit a graveyard full of tombstones, those who want to mourn for their loved ones will be met with an enchanting forest.

biodegradable burial pod 2

There are five different trees to choose from.

biodegradable burial pod 3

biodegradable burial pod 4

The person inside the burial pod will become nutrients to help the tree grow.

biodegradable burial pod 5

biodegradable burial pod 6

biodegradable burial pod 7