Family Adopts a Badly Injured Baby Squirrel

Arttu the squirrel almost didn’t make it, but thanks to a loving family from Finland he lived a happy life for 6 years.

Reddit user Priami shared the heartwarming story along with some adorable photos of Arttu sleeping and playing around the families home. He was found on the side of the road in 2007 by the families grandmother and was thought to be dead. 

He was badly injured and blind in one eye meaning that he couldn’t be released back into the wild.

The baby red squirrel was found by the side of the road, badly injured, it was thought that he was dead.

When the family thought he had recovered, they tried to release him back into the wild.

He was left blind from his injuries and the family quickly realised he wouldn’t survive on his own.

They named him Arttu.

He became very domesticated.

He loved to hide in places around the house.

He would get involved in family activities.

Even when they let him go he would still come back.

The family took good care of him.

This picture shows his good eye.

This is his other eye which is much more grey and cloudy.

Sadly Arttu passed away of old age in 2013.

The family created a memorial for him in their garden and used the remaining food to feed other wild squirrels.

Source: Reddit

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