18 Guys Who Took Marriage Proposal to the next Level

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There must be thousands of ways to propose and no doubt a lot them have already been done, but that doesn't make them any less special. From skydiving, proposing using street art or picking the most beautiful spots on earth, these guys took marriage proposal to another level.

1. Proposal on Potato Chip Rock.

2. Street art marriage proposal.

3. Pixar UP marriage proposal.

4. Proposal on a beautiful lake whilst a secret photographer captures the moment.

5. A couple propose and a wave spoils the moment.

6. Pet proposal. How could you say no to this face?

7. This guy laid out a red carpet on a skating rink and placed the ring in a box at the end.

8. Another pet proposal. This dog has some serious self control.

9. A totally unexpected 'Pride and Prejudice' themed proposal.

10. "All the effort the dolphin put in for this proposal, and she still goes for the other guy."

11. Beach proposal.

12. Kinder proposal surprise!

13. What an incredible spot to pop the big question.

14. Although this places looks even more amazing. Proposing on Trolltunga, Norway.

15. She probably had no idea until they took a look at the photos.

16. Inside the worlds biggest cave, this guy got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend of 6 years to marry him.

17. Proposal written in the fields.

18. Pokemon proposal!

h/t boredpanda