25 Subtle Ways to Show the World You Love Cats

Cat lovers take note.
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If you love cats, you'll want everyone to know about it, but you don't want to come across as a crazy cat person so what do you do?

You have to be subtle, there are plenty of ways of going about it. Here are 25 subtle ways to show the world you love cats.

1. Cat Watch

2. Cat iPhone Case

3. Cat Mugs

4. Cat Necklace

5. Cat Keyring

6. Cat Earings

7. Cat Cushions

8. Cat Ring Holder

9. Cat Slippers

10. Cat Nail Decals

11. Cat iPad Case

12. Cat Onesie

13. Cat Tea Towel

14. Cat Sleep Mask

15. Cat Doorstops

16. Cat Shoes

17. Cat Bag

18. Cat Mittens

19. Cat Pillow Cases

20. Cat Beanie

21. Cat Scarf

22. Cat Placemats

23. Cat Salt and Pepper Shakers

24. Cat Shower Curtain

25. Cat Rug