29 Adorable Tiny Animals That Will Fit in the Palm of Your Hand

So much cuteness.
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This is easily the cutest thing you are going to see all day. Some animals are cute, but when they are babies that are so small they fit in the palm of your hand, pretty much every animal is cute. Even animals such as bats and skunks, probably not the first animal you think of as cute, look totally adorable.

1. Baby Hedgehog

2. Baby Deer

3. Baby Otter

4. Baby Skunk

5. Hamster

6. Baby Tortoise

7. Baby Rabbit

8. Koala

9. Baby Opposum

10. Fennec Fox

11. Baby Mouse

12. Pygmy Possum

13. Chipmunk

14. Biddy the Hedgehog

15. Baby Owl

16. Octopus

17. Baby Hamster

18. Pufferfish

19. Pomeranian Puppy

20. Puppy

21. Baby Bat

22. Owlet

23. Little Kitty

24. Puppy

25. Chipmunk

26. Guinea Pig

27. Kitten

28. Baby Possum

29. Baby Rabbit

h/t boredpanda.com