Dad & Newborn Pose in Playful Photoshoot Without the Use of Photoshop

So cute.
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Although seeing newborn baby Emilia floating above a hair dryer or jumping above her dads head would leave you you thinking that these photos have been manipulated in Photoshop, everything you see has actually been captured in camera. Emilia's parents, Ania Waluda and Michal Zawer, are both photographers by profession and wanted to prove you could take adorable baby portraits without the use of any extreme props and without the risk of danger.

The photos are actually taken on a bed. The white boarder at the bottom of the photo is actually the edge of the bed, whilst the 'wall' is really just a mattress. It's a cool and unique idea that proves you can create some adorable photos of your newborn without any risk.

The parent's told The Huffington Post, "The main idea behind this photo shoot was our daughter's safety," and added that the photoshoot resulted in some quality family time. So cute!