14 Adorable Photos of Elderly Couples Who Prove It's Never to Late to Find Love

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Where there is life there is love as these 14 adorable photos of elderly couples getting married show. They prove that it's never too late to find love. Typically couples will get married at a much younger age, with most people settling down in their mid 20's or early 30's, but these couples who are mostly 80 + prove that it's never to late to find love.

1. Alton Nichols, 91, and Betty Hall, 84, getting married after finding love at a senior complex where they live.

2. At the age of of 91 and 90, Vivian and Alice finally get married.

3. With a combined age of 204, this couple couldn't be happier now that they've married!

4. This couple got married in a rush before WWII. Now they've finally had the wedding they always wanted.

5. Just married. The bride is 86 and the groom is 94.

6. Two residents at Rosewood Healthcare get married on their 100th birthday.

7. 98-year-old Ted finally marries the love of his life jean.

8. 85-year-old couple remarried after 48 years of divorce.

9. 75 years after their first kiss this couple finally got married.

10. The oldest bride and groom in Britain getting married after meeting 1 month earlier at a daycare centre.

11. John Deurwaarder, 97, And Alta Lunsford, 78, both widowed got married after seeing each other for 5 months.

12. Jose Riella, 103, And Martina Lopez, 93, finally got married 80 years after meeting.

13. Larry Stahl, 84, And Florence Stahl, 87, met in a retirement home.

14. After 53 years of being engaged this couple finally tied the knot.

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