19 Times 'Dad Instincts' Saved the Day

These dads are almost superhuman.
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Whilst growing up it's important to have a father figure in your life, it turns out dads also have another purpose - keeping us from almost certain death. These dads seem to have superhuman reflexes that managed to save the day and without them, most of these kids would have ended up pretty hurt or worse.

Here are 19 times 'dad instincts' saved the day.

1. This dad who has got excelent peripheral vision.

2. RC cars are not match for this dads super reflexes.

3. Safe hands!

4. This dad who wasn't ready to let the ball go.

5. This dad saving the day and the birthday cake!

6. Superdad to the rescue!

7. This superhuman catch that defies physics.

Another angle of that insane catch:

8. One handed catch. Easy.

9. "Don't worry, I got this."

10. This guy who saves the young girls life.

11. Dad reflexes never stop working.

12. This guy who makes an incredible catch.

13. This dad who sacrifices himself.

14. "Not on my watch."

15. The reflexes are just to damn good.

16. To the rescue!

17. Suddenly out of nowhere...

18. Epic save!

19. "No son, you can't eat the candle."

Sometimes though, those dad instincts just aren't working properly....

BONUS: Superdad reflex montage.